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A sauna is a complex system, consisting of multiple parts, which may break and which may need replacement.
It is not very often that things malfunction but it is better to have an option to repair what you already have instead of buying a whole new things. Some parts of the sauna are easier to fix than others but in any case, sometimes one or more parts of the system need fixing.
The range or problems people experience is broad and we have the experience in helping getting everything repaired.

With our help you can fix the problem, either by installing a replacement (with our help or advice) or by suggesting alternative ways to correct the workings of the infrared sauna.

Use our troubleshooting page if you don’t know what the problem is exactly and we will help you to pinpoint the source of the problem.

If you know what exact part is malfunctioning you can contact us and order a specific part that needs replacing. We’re looking forward to getting you back to enjoying your repaired infrared sauna!

Fix/Repair If you already know the cause of the problem with your sauna please visit the fix and repair page! CLICK FOR Details
TROUBLESHOOT If you are unsure about the cause of malfunction please visit the troubleshooting page to book a free consultation. CLICK FOR Details